Pre-Tan Preparation

Want your tan to last longer and look the absolute best? It all starts with prepping your skin the right way. Within 24 hours before your appointment you will want to shower, shave, and exfoliate so that your skin becomes a clean slate for the solution. After your shower, don't apply any lotion, deodorant, or make-up. Any product on your skin at the time of your spray can act as a barrier between your skin and the solution resulting in potential imperfections in your tan.  

Post-Tan Care

After your spray tan you will want to wear loose dark clothing for at least 1 hour after. If you purchase our regular solution, you will want to wait at least 12 hours before showering or getting wet, or at least 1 hour with our rapid tan solution. Your tan will continue to develop all the way up to 24 hours post-tan. The first shower you take after you receive your spray tan should be a warm water rinse, no soap. After your first post-tan shower, you can use soap as usual. The more you moisturize, the longer your tan will last. When moisturizing, use a non-scented body lotion. These tips will help your tan fade flawlessly.    


Q1. Will I look orange or unnatural?

A1. No, I look at your skin tone and listen to what your desired color is and I can pick the best solution/color for the perfect outcome. 


Q2. Will I be streaky? 

A2. No,I am a trained and certified spray tan technician that can give flawless results. IF, there are any imperfections found with your tan after the first warm water rinse, I will come back and fix them at no additional cost. 


Q3. Will a spray tan keep me from getting sun burnt if I am in the sun post tan?

A3. No, there is no SPF in the solution that is sprayed on you. If you are going to be out in the sun post spray tan, you can still get burnt if you do not apply SPF. In fact, a waterproof SPF will keep your spray tan from fading when in salt water or a chlorine water pool. 


Q4. Will I still be able to get tan outside with a spray tan?

A4. Yes, as said above, the solution doesn't have SPF in it, so you will still be able to get tan from the sun with your spray tan. 

Q5. What form of payment do you accept? 

A5. I accept card and cash. I do not accept checks. Payment is accepted at time of appointment. 

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